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Write your own song!

Songwriting sessions, for individuals or groups, beginners or experienced, face-to-face or online

Whether you've written songs before and need a bit of help, or if your a beginner and just fancy having a go - don't be shy!  Everyone has songs in them. Songs are just ideas about the world set to words and music, and with a bit of help and fun we can get these ideas out into the light of day. 

I have delivered successful songwriting workshops for Oxfordshire County Council's Children in Care Council, South Oxford Community Association and various individuals.

Contact Ben to arrange a free preliminary session. 

"If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing" - Zimbabwean proverb. 


"As an amateur singer who has only ever written a few songs before, and not for public consumption, I pushed out the comfort zone and signed up for one of Ben's songwriting workshops. It certainly focused the mind to be set the task of drafting lyrics on the spot, but with Ben's encouragement and nurturing, lo and behold a catchy and interesting song was produced in just 2 hours! If you've ever fancied giving songwriting a go, don't be shy. Ben is totally non-judgemental, very talented and lots of fun. You'll enjoy it!"

Debbie, workshop participant

“Over the past few years the artistic community at South Oxford Community Centre has been delighted to host and showcase Ben Avison's work as a songwriter and performer. He has led on songwriting workshops and following these has performed at evening events with a great deal of success, both solo and collaboratively. The launch of his recent CD Lovers Leap was an event we shall never forget. I have no hesitation in recommending Ben's musicianship and songwriting skills. On a personal level I can attest to his ability to develop text and poetry into memorable songs. Ben has a very conscientious and collaborative approach and has been a huge asset to our centre at SOCA.”

Martin Beek (SOCA Trustee and Artweeks organiser)

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