Chapter Two: A world of musicians in Oxford

After surviving our first winter on the boat, I came out of hibernation and started jamming with our talented neighbours, Jeff Slade and Ray Burrows. Ray introduced me to a community choir, the Jericho Singers, led by the wonderful Steph Pirrie who later did lots of beautiful singing and trumpet on the forthcoming Lovers' Leap album. The Jericho Singers were closely connected with the Jericho Wharf Trust and the Save the Boatyard campaign, and one of the tracks on Good Day Mr. Magpie was included on the Oxford Canal Heritage Trail audio guide. The Jericho Singers performed Bohemian Rhapsody on BBC Radio 4 with Robert Peston on vocals and me on guitar. That Brian May sound influenced one of

Chapter One: How do we get to Lovers’ Leap? Take a boat…

Hello. As you may have heard, my second “solo” album, Lovers’ Leap, is nearly ready to release. The plan is to put it out in early December 2019. It’s been years in the making with the input of loads of brilliant artists, musicians, producers and writers and I’m very happy with it – I hope you will like it too. I know that these days artists are supposed to catalogue their every move by posting photographs on social media saying, “this is me writing a song”, “here we are in the studio”, “here I am having a vegan mocktail”. I have not done this, which you may be thankful for. What little spare time I have I spent focusing on the music; and now we have finally recorded it I can tell you someth

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